It’s never too late to apply for a job…

Those were some exciting days in the last week. I was not even back in The Netherlands for one week and I applied for the job of Cinema Manager of a local 4-halls movie theater in the exact town I am staying in!

It was a fascinating experience, where I was instantly invited for a first conversation with a big recruitment agency in ‘s Hertogenbosch and then invited for a meeting with the big boss at the cinema’s headquarters in Wijchen City. There weren’t many applications from people who had actually ran a cinema before!

They loved my experience as a cinema manager in Cambodia and the big boss was floored with my experience in running three movie theaters, my endless energy to pick things up, work on improvements and come up with any great idea that leads to positive changes and higher revenues.

That was also the point that made me fall out of this race (from 300 applications I got to the last 5 candidates): my enthusiasm and active hands-on personality made the big boss scared that I might be bored at some times, because it’s not always about Being There and motivating a team of colleagues to give their best at all time.

I know I would have been terribly lucky (unbelievably lucky) if I would score myself an amazing full-time job with a very nice salary within two weeks of being in The Netherlands. It would even have allowed me to rent an apartment and live a life here.

But you can’t always get what you want. And a cinema will be missing out on a fascinating manager who would have its guests complain why it is suddenly so busy.

Now, I am not a person who ever gives up easily or gets bored fast, at the right job. I can plan and project major marketing campaigns, I can organize unforgettable Mount Kilimanjaro treks, I know everything you can do with the internet and all social media opportunities and can write a damn good piece of alluring text too.

I am full of ideas before you can even ask for them.

And I am immediately available, anywhere in the world – I am flexible – if you know anything, do let me know. Or if you need a house sitter, pet sitter, an in-house chef or amazing house mate, contact me. Because I can’t stay at my friend Janske’s place forever. Please help me out for her too.