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Meet Ramon: The Ultimate Career Slasher and Digital Nomad

Ramon is a modern professional who thrives in the gig economy, balancing multiple jobs across diverse sectors. His journey is a testament to his varied interests and relentless pursuit of new experiences.

A Pioneer in Digital and Social Media

Ramon made his mark on the internet before it exploded into the social phenomenon it is today. Known as the Godfather of Couchsurfing, he launched his own social network in 2001, setting the stage for digital nomadism. His contributions were recognized in 2018 when the Dutch Royal Library designated his “Let Me Stay For A Day” website as UNESCO Digital Heritage.

Global Adventures
and Professional Expertise

  • Locations: Since moving to Cambodia in 2011, Ramon has lived in Georgia, Morocco, Portugal, and Sri Lanka, embracing a lifestyle of constant exploration.

  • NASA Astronaut Candidate: In 2020, Ramon was among the top 50 candidates out of 2,400 applicants for NASA’s astronaut program.

  • Business Ventures: From running three movie theaters to producing vegan cheese as The Nutcracker and launching popular eateries like Sandwich Heaven in Phnom Penh, the ghost kitchen of Foodoo, and the cupcakery Shotcakes in Tbilisi, Ramon’s entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds.

  • Expedition Kilimanjaro: Currently, he successfully operates Expedition Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, catering to adventure enthusiasts worldwide.

Professional Skills and Services

Ramon’s extensive experience has honed his skills in:
Business Strategy Consulting
Writing and Translation
Marketing Consulting
Teamwork and Project Management
Navigating Bureaucracy
Budget Management
Long-term Strategic Planning

Why Choose Ramon?

If you’re looking for a passionate, versatile professional with a gifted mind who continually adapts and learns, Ramon is your ideal partner. With a deep understanding of the internet and a proven track record in various industries, he brings unparalleled expertise and enthusiasm to every project.

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Ready to collaborate with someone who embodies innovation and adaptability? Contact Ramon today and take the first step towards achieving your goals.

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