So, here is an inspirational post!

My name is Ramon, I originate from The Netherlands, and I started calling myself a serial entrepreneur.

Friends would say I do weird things, as I don’t ever wish to get stuck at an office or in an urban rat race, and because I always come up with something great. Not all great things work out, but that’s okay. You fall, you stand up and brush off your knees. Then you go again.

When I was young, at the start of this century, I had created one of the first social networks ever, as I managed to travel the world for free thanks to people who invited me over through a website I created for myself, which I am not allowed to mention here.

Thankfully UNESCO made this Digital Heritage to be preserved forever. Trust me, I use that fact more than having a CV. (It inspired the folks to create Couchsurfing more than it did one Zuckerberg, I presume).

Then I ran a bar/restaurant for years, and wrote a book, while hosting a travel show on Dutch NPO Radio 1, when I wasn’t doing long-distance expedition reporting for Columbus Magazine or Max Models.

After living in Cambodia for over 10 years, where I ran three small community movie theaters in its capital city, produced vegan cheeses, hosted a radio show on the local radio and started a healthy dinner box delivery service, I moved to Tbilisi, Georgia, where I ran an alcoholic cupcakery, then to Casablanca, Morocco, only to end up in the quaint town of Almada, just south of the Tourist Central Station called Lisbon, in Portugal.

Darn, Portugal is beautiful, affordable and delicious! Except during its winter months, so that’s when you can find me in Sri Lanka.

Currently I am mostly active as a dreamer, massage therapist, copywriter, translator, social media assistant for old Fortune 500 men who can’t figure out how their phone works (they exist!) and am an online marketing advisor. In my free time I organize climbs up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Trust me.

Please pursue your dreams, even when they find themselves far away. Actually living your dreams is the most gratifying reason to be alive.

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