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That’s a wrap of 6 months in Sri Lanka

My 6 months in Sri Lanka has drawn to a close, marking a remarkable escape from the Portuguese winter and a whirlwind of unforgettable experiences in the humid hot tropics.

Tomorrow I will board various planes and head back to Almada, Portugal.

From cozy guesthouses and lively hostel dorms to luxurious villas, this recent journey led me from the helm of a kitchen as head chef to managing various hotels and restaurants, and from savoring endless rice and curries, tuna steaks and the best burgers in the world to indulging in the opulent buffets of the Marriott hotel 🤫 all along the enchanting south coast of Sri Lanka.

Absolute credits go to all the characters that played their own role in this unforgettable season of “My Incredible Life”.

Here you all go: Jasmine, Shane, Emma, Zack, Aaron, Vanessa, Jenny, Nawid, Niklaus, Axel, Elias, Allan, Ollie (Oliver), David, Gayan, Kalindu, Lihero, Dolly, Anura, Derrick, Alice, Manju, Ravi, Ana, Nataly, Merel, Julian, Lukas, Lea, Sergey, Robert, Nadine, Indiga, Weri, Valeria (Val), Pawan, Same Era, Ramona, Marijke, Dani, Kai’ana, Diane, Iso, Erik, Ivan, Mahla, Lena, Kunas, Ayala, Nura, Telani, Laksan, Keit, Natasja, Annik, Avi, Katya, Eliyah, Orit, Sjoerdje, Sasha, Karen, Hasun, Cecilia, Julia, Aminda, Lalitha, Malitha, Lanka, Achinte, Sajith, Rachika, Gertjan, Veronica, Lahiru, Sahan, Nawura, Panishu, Pasindu, Vihanga, Vernon, Sarrah, cat Bella, kitten Maribella, cat Boris and Zara.

You made it unforgettable.


The Humidity
Too Spicy food
Bus rides
Boiling water for drinking water
Sun lotion
“Fur Elise” bakery carts
Sri Lanka’s sugar problem (sugar in everything!)
Pepsi “not containing fruit”
Gentrified avocado on toast places with their equally similar Spotify free playlists (“press the banner to go premium”)
Foreigners who want to rescue all the streetdogs (just no!)
Social media advertising in Russian or Hebrew


Bella cat and baby Mirabella
The sunshine 😘
The amazing staff at the SurfStation Hotel
Riding along the coast
Chicken puff pastries
Butterscotch ice cream
Daylong Restaurant
Tacos at Dine ‘n Sip