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Last updated on July 19, 2024


I live in the neighborhood of Feijó, in the city of Almada (2) in Portugal. Just a train/ferry/bus ride away from Lisbon and the beaches. I share a comfy apartment with a French young man, a Colombian lady and a French lady, and my cat Shady. We are all sort-of digital nomads and work from home – when we are not elsewhere for a long time. I am already thinking of a possible winter escape starting in October/November.


I am currently working on various temporary jobs, like being a translator and proofreader for Brick Owl, an online Lego marketplace. From late August I will be working for a few months as an AI Video Translator for Psyflix, the Netflix for Psychologists. I am available for freelance jobs on and mostly active as a remotely operating translator, copywriter and proofreader.


I volunteer twice a week at the local food bank of Refood in Almada. Volunteer work is valuable for me because it allows me to make a positive impact on my local community, welcome new meaningful social connections, and develop new skills, all while gaining personal fulfillment (and learning better Portuguese).


Cat Fifty Shady (2014)


  1. Republishing every post and photo of the Like literally going through every post and editing every photo to a new and better system that can keep things fresh and safe for another 20 years.
  2. The Quiet Reader, an online literary magazine that I founded in 2020. Revamped and relaunched it last Spring with a new edition in the planning for September.
  3. Expedition Kilimanjaro, the tour company I have been running since 2008. Yes, that’s for over 16 years and I can’t stop telling people to get up that mountain themselves. Now in 4 different languages.
  4. Writing “Als het vuur gedoofd is”, When the Fire is Out, a personal writing project, that could perhaps once come out as an adventurous novel or a movie script.
  5. On the former website of The Flicks Community Movie House, which I ran from 3 locations in the Cambodian capital for 12 years, I still post recommended movies for fans of the better movies. Previously including download links, but that’s become highly illegal nowadays :-p


Movies: The last movies I watched in that order:

Free Time, Pattaya Heat (starring my Bangkok friend Jonathan Samson!), Pacific Rim (2013), Prometheus (2012), Trigger Warning (that was really bad), 2012 (2009), The Day After Tomorrow (2004), IF (Imaginary Friend), Hunt for the Wilderpeople (10th time by now?), Anyone But You, Under Paris, Hit Man, Saving Private Ryan (1998), How To Rob A Bank

Lined up are Challengers and The Garfield Movie.

Series: Just finished the Apple+ show Dark Matter. Highly recommended time traveling through various universes of “now”. Gave up Supacell after two episodes and didn’t find The Continental entertaining enough. Presumed Innocent has been approved for a good binge.


My Goodreads keeps track of what my Kindle has been going through lately.

Dreams of

– An espresso machine and dough mixer and a dish washer. Got the dish washer last month!
– Exploring South America in my next season!