Young Holland Publisher Spending Summer (1991)

In one of my previous lives I was a big boy publisher, publishing two different monthly magazines.
I was 14 (yes, I had hair).

We are talking about 1989-1991, before I went to hi-jack the newspaper of my high school.

This young publisher had to expand his wings and traveled all the way to the town of Independence in Oregon, USA, where I was under the mentoring wings of former FDNY firefighter-turned highly awarded photographing journalist BILL BONGIORNO (who sadly passed away way too early in the late 90’s) for an entire hot summer of 1991.

It was there where the young staff journalist JOHN OLIVER interviewed me for the local paper Sun-Enterprise.

This might pop up in my upcoming book “WHAT THE HELL DIDN’T YOU DO?!”

Click on the image below if you want to see it large.

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