I have always been driven by the need to improve the world around me trying to make life easier and more satisfying, and less tedious and frustrating. How systems, processes and services work and how people interact within this environment fascinates me endlessly.

I am happiest when I can empower and guide people to create things that truly improve people’s lives, while supporting their businesses to become more resilient and sustainable.

I Fix Things & People

With years of gaining valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the world of internet, social media, tourism and hospitality I can immediately understand the need for assistance in certain situations. I’ve dedicated myself to offering support to individuals and businesses facing challenges.

My extensive experience in marketing, tourism, online business, tour operators, but also with the food and hospitality industry has equipped me with the skills to make positive changes. Whether it’s giving an online presence a full makeover, fostering better relationships¬† staff, collaborating with higher management, or aiding struggling owners, I’ve willingly taken on the responsibility of navigating troubled waters.

I’ve played a pivotal role in launching ventures, enhancing existing operations, and preventing impending bankruptcies.

SRI LANKA JAN-APRIL 2024: For three months, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with this incredible team, day in and day out. Together, we’ve successfully transformed a dormant hotel restaurant into a bustling and thriving and busy eatery. I had the kitchen revamped, introduced a fresh food only and healthy menu, and set up a new drinks bar, all while giving the exterior a well-deserved makeover.

I take pride in being a sought-after problem solver, online, with small businesses, or in the food and beverage industry, having contributed my expertise to businesses spanning from Portugal to Sri Lanka, Cambodia to the Netherlands. Each encounter, assignment, enhancement and step toward improvement has reinforced the idea that embracing one’s seasoned perspective, coupled with customer empathy and social awareness, is crucial in a dynamic and ever-changing market.

Over the past few years, I’ve assisted numerous businesses, ranging from those barely staying afloat to those seeking substantial growth.

Some lacked experience despite having ample resources. Drawing a parallel to Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen Nightmares,” I walk into a situation, instantly identify areas for improvement, and devise structured plans – but without the drama.

My influence leaves a positive mark on businesses, owners, managers, and the local workforce. Through improved communication, better financial assessments, strategic direction, and future-oriented plans, I’ve not only enhanced profitability but also elevated salaries of all people involved.

If you find yourself in need, share your situation and aspirations with me. While I can’t promise miracles, I can certainly knock on heaven’s door on your behalf. Feel free to contact me through the form on this site or reply if we’re already in communication. I’m eager to explore how I can assist you.

Best regards,