“I didn’t know you were so busy!”

It happens quite often. It’s when people find out what I do with my life, what I do for a living. They checked me out on Facebook, read this blog and – bang – they see that I do a lot of things.

2013 edition of Phnom Penh by night.
And then the evident fact rises in their heads and most of them actually become somehow apologetic: “I didn’t know you were so busy!”. As if any non-verbal commutative sign of me has told them that I must not be available.

More often the people I then explain what I do get intimidated. “Yes, I do all that.” But I never do it all at the same time. I do it when I feel like it. When there is a higher need to it. It keeps me creative. And because I can’t do only one thing forever. Something inside dies when I do that.

Some people think that it should be impossible. You can’t be good at photography, and produce successful internet marketing campaigns, run tour companies and be a really good massage therapist. “Why not?” I ask.

And I work only 8 hours a week. For the money, that is. That would be over 1 hour per day, where I concentrate in being able to pay the bills at the end of the month. But, as a good friend noted lately, I do things beyond these 8 hours that don’t really see financial compensations (like running The Flicks), but I should regard them as work. She had a point there. With that insight I might work 180 hours a week! And get paid really bad.

Obviously moving to the tropics, having way less costs (why was everything insured back home?), great weather, some truly amazing and inspiring people that I can call my friends, all kitchens in the world in the nearby vicinity (and they even deliver at home!) and numerous other reasons – makes me enjoy life more.

And I certainly don’t mind that world to be my office. Every day of the week.

Now, I hope you don’t mind, I have to run out.

I have to bring my housekeeper home as her driver is sick. And then off to eat lunch at a Burmese restaurant, which shouldn’t be a really good idea before yoga class, but things will smooth again during Spanish class at the pool later today.

Oh my Buddha, where does the time go? 😉

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  1. Ned Kelly May 4, 2013 at 7:09 am

    Life coach? Never noticed that before. If you’re ever coaching in the Life tournament and you make it to the Life finals and need a ringer to seal the deal, come and fix my life to demonstrate your powers. They’d name the Life championship trophy after you if you managed to do that. Or you’d get shut out because nothing I do makes sense and you’d have a mental breakdown. It’s about the journey either way. So whatever.


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