“I didn’t know you were so busy!”

It happens quite often. It’s when people find out what I do with my life, what I do for a living. They checked me out on Facebook, read this blog and – bang – they see that I do a lot of things.

2013 edition of Phnom Penh by night.
And then the evident fact rises in their heads and most of them actually become somehow apologetic: “I didn’t know you were so busy!”. As if any non-verbal commutative sign of me has told them that I must not be available.

More often the people I then explain what I do get intimidated. “Yes, I do all that.” But I never do it all at the same time. I do it when I feel like it. When there is a higher need to it. It keeps me creative. And because I can’t do only one thing forever. Something inside dies when I do that.

Some people think that it should be impossible. You can’t be good at photography, and produce successful internet marketing campaigns, run tour companies and be a really good massage therapist. “Why not?” I ask.

And I work only 8 hours a week. For the money, that is. That would be over 1 hour per day, where I concentrate in being able to pay the bills at the end of the month. But, as a good friend noted lately, I do things beyond these 8 hours that don’t really see financial compensations (like running The Flicks), but I should regard them as work. She had a point there. With that insight I might work 180 hours a week! And get paid really bad.

Obviously moving to the tropics, having way less costs (why was everything insured back home?), great weather, some truly amazing and inspiring people that I can call my friends, all kitchens in the world in the nearby vicinity (and they even deliver at home!) and numerous other reasons – makes me enjoy life more.

And I certainly don’t mind that world to be my office. Every day of the week.

Now, I hope you don’t mind, I have to run out.

I have to bring my housekeeper home as her driver is sick. And then off to eat lunch at a Burmese restaurant, which shouldn’t be a really good idea before yoga class, but things will smooth again during Spanish class at the pool later today.

Oh my Buddha, where does the time go? 😉