The Move & the Black Hole I discovered

What would I wish I had known when I first moved to Cambodia?

Well, the answer became my submission to the popular blog of Move To Cambodia (which is a great book too, by the way!).

When I decided to move to Cambodia for the obvious reasons of the tropical temperature, great food, fascinating, friendly people and less hard work for less necessary bucks, I didn’t know about the giant black hole I would fall into within the first few months.

Once you make a big  move–a giant change in your life–you’ll get great support by everybody who you have left behind and Phnom whom you can contact on a daily basis by Skype or even in real-time by Facebook and Twitter, but you are still a new arrival in a new city, possibly in a newly-rented apartment and with a decent internet connection. You are safe, set, but still new.

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