About waking up so early and write, darnit, write!

From January 2 to January 9 (of 2014) I woke up every day at 4.30am. Yes, in the early morning. That was because I had concluded that I can’t use any more excuses for not writing a novel. So: I just wake up early and do the job then!

Why on earth would you wake up at that insanely early hour?

You asked it. Because I have to write. Because I have ideas in my head and they have to get out. No more “I don’t have enough time”, or “I am too busy” or “..too distracted to actually sit down for it”. It’s: Shut up. Wake up early. Grab a cup of coffee and bloody Type Away!

So I have been typing away from 4.30am. And how was it?

It is incredible. Okay, in the evenings I am knackered at 11pm. I put my alarm clock far away from my bed, so that I actually have to stand up to turn it off. Well, then I better head out the bedroom next. Easy.

It gets harder however, if I am not in bed before midnight. That alarm clock is telling me, hey – you need to be up again in a couple of hours!

In the early morning it’s dark outside. It’s absolutely silent. Nobody and pretty much nothing can distract me at that time. Words just come out and fill the screen. I am amazed at what I’ve come up with. I am actually (and finally) making things up as I go and it seems to work. It seems to fit. It feels good.

I am unable to just write for the love of writing. I know people who just love to write essays and will pump out lengthy (and even very amusing) blog posts on a daily basis. I have stories to tell. And these stories have to be written. And will hopefully they will be read in the future. But not for a long while.

These first days of the year were awesome as I was able to start creating a storyline. I know where who and what is all heading where. I have characters telling their side of the story, knowing that their expressions gives me exactly what I will be needing in future drafts about them.

Oh, the sheer fun of this just cracks me up. Why didn’t I do this way earlier?!

And after this early morning writing session, it can be just about 6am or even a bit later than that, I can return back to bed. Where I realize that my mind is wide awake and highly active and most of the times I can push myself back to sleep. Otherwise it’s “oh well, let’s await the newspapers then”.

What’s next?

I am giving myself a break. A planned break to Vietnam with a friend comes next. No more waking up early. No more typing for almost two weeks. Just enough to get my head out of Phnom Penh and to let the storyline get its rest. Back near the end of January.

The seed is there. Let’s get some water.