I feel like I’m on a boat for the duration of the massage and this boat has taken off from a beautiful beach of an idyllic tropical island

Yesterday I let myself indulge in a 90-minute massage at a nearby spa. Mrs. Sokha looks probably like a little girl, but her fingers are strong and I felt myself really molded to mush after that massage. And that was also what was needed.

After a yoga class at my house last week, I was finely pointed out to the facts: I’m stiff. I move too little. I ride my bicycle; fine throughout the entire city, but that’s it also!

I recently walked to the supermarket and back again: yes, I gained a blister between my toes. Maybe I should not wear flipflops to the supermarket? And the muscles in my butt also said hello.

The effects of that one yoga class that were so physically present in the form of DARN MUSCLE PAIN EVERYWHERE! Blessed with a massage spa on almost every street corner, this lady was recommended by a friend. Believe me, she had said, she is really good. And she was right. Every muscle in my body was touched, rubbed and stretched. And I got the reality check that everything still works, but there is something to be done more. And I don’t want to become an old man with a hanging body. I have never seen any advertisement for that.

Sometimes I fall asleep during a massage. I will be completely gone, as if someone has beaten me in the face with a brick. Boom. Gone. Then the therapist wakes me up with a light tap on my side, asking me to turn around. Or I hear myself snor, now that’s embarrassing, and I am instantly awake. Because I never snore. Right?

But on the other hand, a massage is the ultimate relaxation. Also for my head. There is no stress, there is no shopping list being printed in my head, I do not know what else to do and when to do that because then I have to do it and it can not be done because I also have to do this because that was first and then I remember. Nothing at all.

I feel like I’m on a boat for the duration of the massage and this boat has taken off from a beautiful beach of an idyllic tropical island. At first it is a bit uneasy with the waves in the surf, then the water becomes silent and calm reigns. Clean air. Barely any sound.

Or it’s as an departing airplane. First, the acceleration on the runway, then into the air with a lot of noise, and once there it is quiet. You can release your seat belts. I get champagne from a beautiful lady. I do.

Away from the throbbing and distracting civilization, which is suddenly far away. All thoughts can now afford to come by for a treatment at my thoughts table.

And in my head I write. Awesome ideas. Gripping story lines. Amazing dialogues. And then this happens and that a character does this, unbelievable – I must remember that. But afterwards there is nothing left.
“Sir, please sit up.”

Sokha pulled the boat back to the beach. Suddenly the plane touches the runway. Already? But I was just! But I ‘m just going to sit up and do what she says .

“You have strong back,” she tells me. That was be best thing to hear. I have a terribly strong backbone that comes from all that sitting. With the forthcoming plans for pilates classes and (we’ll try it again) subscription to the gym I will surprise Sokha with even more strenght next month!

“Oh you very strong man,” she will say. On the boat. On the boat plane. I laugh at it mischievously and sip of that champagne. Oh, yeah. Sports hey. Been busy. Becoming a strong man now.

But, they are the first baby steps towards a more healthier life in Phnom Penh. It’s nice here, but the temptation to eat out daily is enormous. Name an international cuisine and it will be present in the capital of Cambodia. (And very affordable too!)

Are we going for pizza at Luigi’s, or cheese steak sandwiches at Brooklyn? Otherwise Mexican at Taqueria Corona? Sesame Noodles again? Burgers at Mama’s New York Deli? Or too much falafel at Beirut? If we want to go healthy we can go organic at ARTillery. And otherwise there is Vego’s Salad Bar. We can try that new kebab place on Street 310? Oh , but I want …

When the latest bill of the French bistros Armand’s turned out to be pretty similar to a monthly subscription to the gym at a renowned hotel in town, the choice was actually made rather fast: I will check out that gym.

Yes, check out first. Not instantly joining and that stuff. Because I need to think about it. I should be mentally prepared as in: Monday I will start exercising. Then I’ll become a member. That is part of the procrastination disease that is still not being handled by any doctor.

You should put out your sports clothes for the next day in the evening! Then you’ll prepare for it mentally and you’ll see them right when you wake up – says the sport guru in my head then. Yeah, but that can also be on Monday, dude.

But today first these pilates. That is in another moving gymnastics which is all about the core of the body. That inside that needs to be strengthened.

I am already warned by everyone, by the way. During the lesson you will feel as though Jack the Ripper is standing in the doorway of the classroom, ready to pick you up. And in the next few days you will perish from muscle pain.

Oh, but I don’t mind that, really. I will just go back to Sokha and then we just take the boat and travel again. If only for a moment.

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  1. Julie Kelley June 6, 2014 at 11:01 am

    LOVED IT. Thank you. : )))


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