A writer is simply a humble journalist reporting on things that happen in a world of fiction

I can only write well after a stormy night. Or when I have slept rather bad. Or if I’m just really under a certain pressure. I must then really defragment my entire head and all the spun webs in it and that is best done while writing.

Yeah, but what if you had a great sleep? And you wake up, slept in and all, and the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky? The newspapers report nothing special, the mailbox is shockingly empty (I had to check the day, it’s not a Sunday?) And the radio just plays normal pop songs. [Read more…]

About waking up so early and write, darnit, write!

From January 2 to January 9 (of 2014) I woke up every day at 4.30am. Yes, in the early morning. That was because I had concluded that I can’t use any more excuses for not writing a novel. So: I just wake up early and do the job then! [Read more…]