Social Media Management

Running your business is YOUR job.

But you might need a media manager like me to help you reach your target audience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, linkedIn, Pinterest and other social media platforms.

I offer you full-time and ongoing social media management solutions to increase your online presence and help reach new followers interested in your business.

I will also take the necessary drastic measures to grow your social media channels and obtain the returns that will drive your business forward.

The services include:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Development
  • Management and development of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter when necessary
  • Customer Development and lots more!

With these services put together, you are not just getting professional social media management; you are getting a branding development expert – and a downright great guy to help you out.

I look forward to building a strong, long-term relationship with all of my customers.

Starting rate

Social Media Management orders are available from already € 100, for which you get one month of full-time management (channel management + growth + 1 post per day + customer engagement and lots more). Don’t forget, that’s not even € 3.50 per day.

For this starter package, you get my full attention on all your

  • Scheduled posts
  • Page/channel planning and evaluation
  • One Month of Social Media Management
  • Full-time management
  • Action plan


What makes you different from most other Social Media Managers?
When I was young and the internet wasn’t social yet, I managed to travel the world for free for two years with my own website. There was no CouchSurfing, Facebook, Twitter or Youtube yet, they all came along in 2007. Long before these channels actually appeared I had already realized that the only way businesses can survive on the big interwebs, is to be socially connected with their customers. This makes me a very experienced and hands-on developer on the social media market. (Oh, and that old website of mine is now UNESCO Digital Heritage).

What social media platform(s) are best for my business?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are great social channels and each one of them has different marketing tactics. So I will ask you where your target audience spends their time and why should you be connecting with them there?

What are the two most important social media metrics you monitor regularly?
(1) Engagement: Content drives social marketing successes and I am a great writer and producer of relevant content for your target audience. This the right photos and videos for the story you want to tell; (2) Leads: Listening and responding timely to social media leads is crucial.

What’s the most important thing you should be doing as a social media manager?
I will be monitoring and/or listening to the audience within the brand’s social channels. Engaging regularly with fans and followers is evidence that you are there – you care – and you’re interested in having them as a customer.

What would your first goal be?
I’ll need to realize who your current customers are and what your target audience is. Next, I also need to fully understand the “Why” of your business. Why would people buy from you, do business with you, care about you? If we can have these questions answered, we have already reached our first goal.


So there you go.

If you need me, contact me here.