Travel writing and features

I am a writer.

I write travel stories and the occasional unpublished fiction.

My book Letmestayforaday became a bestseller on the Dutch/Belgian market (sorry, it’s not available in English).

With Phnom Penh, Cambodia, as my current location I travel on average about three months and a few hundred thousand miles a year around the world.

I love to write travel reports with surprising angles and matching images for publications like Columbus Magazine, Arts & Auto, Malaysian Airlines’ Going Places, Air Finland’s My Way, The British Sunday Times Travel Magazine and The Travel Channel’s blog WorldHum.

In 2009 I was sent on an expedition to the West coast of Greenland, assigned by the Dutch travel glossy Columbus Magazine:

An other version of my experiences also got published in the professional magazine for doctors, Arts & Auto.

One of the co-founders of The Pirate Bay – who had been hiding out in Phnom Penh for almost four years – got arrested in August 2012 and had to await his deportation to Sweden.
The Dutch magazine Nieuwe Revu asked me to write a story about this guy and his arrest, spiced up with some coleur locale which you couldn’t find in any press release. It ended up as a 3-pages piece:

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