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The Move & the Black Hole I discovered

What would I wish I had known when I first moved to Cambodia?

Well, the answer became my submission to the popular blog of Move To Cambodia (which is a great book too, by the way!).

When I decided to move to Cambodia for the obvious reasons of the tropical temperature, great food, fascinating, friendly people and less hard work for less necessary bucks, I didn’t know about the giant black hole I would fall into within the first few months. [Read more…]

36 reasons it’s good to be alive

When you get to a certain age there is something terrible that starts happening to you. And it happens over and over again. It’s called “a birthday”.

Of course turning 36 isn’t the end of the world—it’s just a giant step towards it. [Read more…]

The second post on this blog is an update of my life in Phnom Penh so far

I moved from Amsterdam (The Netherlands) to Phnom Penh (Cambodia) in September 2010. So let me start this update right there. [Read more…]

The Fascination of the First Post

So you click to see what that first post is about, hey? Well, true, it’s The Fascination for The First Post that got you here.

I guess you are interested in the beginning of the story. Where it all started on this website. And you expect the reason for its existence. And the explanation of the name HereIGoAgainOnMyOwn. [Read more…]